SAP - HCM ( Human Capital Management )

  • 36hrs of instructor-led training
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SAP Human Capital Management (Cloud and on-Premise) course offers a comprehensive and combined set of tools to help you efficiently accomplish our individuals. We can hire the best capacity resource, align employee goals with business objectives, cultivate employee skills, and measure and reward performance. Also, we can automate all core HR processes to grow competences, reduce costs, and support compliance. And when it comes to outsourcing HR processes or run an internal shared service center, the solution supports these positioning models in ways that decrease risk and cost. Course Objectives: Classify the elements of Human Capital Management structures. Examine the elements of the enterprise structure. Show the elements of the HCM employees structure. Classify objects included in an organizational plan. Update Human Capital Management structures with the Organization and Staffing Interface. Execute a report on the present position

Course Objectives

Simplify and integrate your HR processes with a complete human resource management system (HRMS). Our on-premise and cloud HR software can work together or standalone to help you engage a diverse workforce with a digital HR experience.

Targeted Audience

  • HR Professionals

Pre - Requisite

  • Elementary Knowledge Required on SAP. Knowledge on Commerce, Accounts and payroll processing