SAP - BASIS (Business Application Systems Integrated                  Solutions)

  • 36hrs of instructor-led training
  • Classroom & Online Training 
  • Industry Expert 
  • 24/7 Subject Matter Expert

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The SAP BASIS training and certification course provide a detailed overview of the necessary steps involved in managing the technical architecture and allowing constant communication between the server infrastructure, business application and software. During the course of training, candidates will also learn to monitor the communication between different operating systems and databases used for data storage.

Course Objective

  • Understand the functionality and architecture of R/3, the complete set of integrated business applications.
  • Define system central interfaces including work process architecture, services, and process.
  • Comprehend the installation and post-installation activities.
  • Configuring and administering different operation modes.
  • Monitor background processing and handle performance tuning.
  • Work on Profile management to configure the Memory, CPU, Buffer process.
  • Connect to different databases and configure the linked services.
  • Regulate the access methods and administer single/mass user

Targeted Audience

  • System Administrator
  • System Architect
  • Technology Consultant

Pre - Requisite

  • System Administrator