Our Delivery Modes

We have two different training methods which are explained below.

Pushing Boundaries

Online Training

It is a convenient form of training suitable for learners who do not have sufficient time to attend classroom training. Our online training has convenient and flexible course timings. Along with this, we bring you simple access to online learning materials, sample papers, and much more.

Building Site

Classroom Training

It is a widely used and common way of training. Our instructors explain the ongoing certification training program for our learners. It is convenient enough because all the details and facts about the courses are offered to the learners through this training mode. To make our teaching more interesting, we can include many techniques and other learning resources in our classroom training

Why choose Kraftski for certification training?

We are sharing the precise details of our certification courses on our official website. We provide a number of professional certification courses, so you can enroll for the right one to grab new skills.

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Variety of certification courses 

Our training platform provides an extensive range of training programs for students. 

Unlimited Sevices
Career advancement 

Students can take our certification courses even while working. Earning the certification is important to prepare for many new challenges.

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Improve your skills