Google Data Engineer

  • 36hrs of instructor-led training
  • Classroom & Online Training¬†
  • Industry Expert¬†
  • 24/7 Subject Matter Expert

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Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer is a globally valued certification that hones your skills to make data-driven decisions by optimizing the captured data. The certification training expertly demonstrates how to efficiently collect, transform, and visualize data to generate useful insights. This comprehensive training aims to render practical understanding to design, build, maintain, and troubleshoot the data processing systems while emphasizing on the crucial aspects of the system including reliability, scalability, fault-tolerance, fidelity, security, and efficiency.

A Data Engineer is accountable to perform data analysis to anticipate prospective business outcomes, develop statistical models for supporting the decision-making, and builds machine learning models for simplifying and automating primary processes of the business.

Course Objective

The Data Engineer training and certification course provide an in-depth understanding of:

  • Creating and maintaining databases and data structures
  • Designing effective data processing systems
  • Performing data analysis and enabling machine learning
  • Devising business processes for optimization and analysis
  • Designing models to induce reliability
  • Creating data visualizations and policy advocacy
  • Designing compliance and data security

Targeted Audience

  • Data architects
  • Data engineers
  • Developers managing big data transformation
  • Data analysts

Pre - Requisite

  • Basic understanding of cloud, databases and data analysis