Google Cloud Security Engineer

  • 36hrs of instructor-led training
  • Classroom & Online Training 
  • Industry Expert 
  • 24/7 Subject Matter Expert

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Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Security Engineer training and certification authenticate the candidate’s technical understanding for designing and implementing a secure organizational infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform. The certification course targets to instill across the board understanding of security best practices and industry-focused security requirements. The candidates hone their skills in designing, development, and managing the secure infrastructure that would leverage recent Google security technologies. This comprehensive cloud security training and security helps the aspirants to become certified security professionals having proficiency in the cloud security domain and expertly explains the core essentials of cloud security.

Course Objectives

The Professional Cloud Security Engineer training and certification helps you acquire competencies in:

  • Configuring access in the cloud solution environment
  • Configuring sound network security
  • Ensuring utmost data protection
  • Managing various operations in the cloud solution environment
  • Ensuring enforcement of compliance to the cloud solutions

Targeted Audience

  • Cloud engineers intending to attain security skills
  • Security professionals
  • Cloud security practitioners

Pre - Requisite

  • Basic understanding of cloud and information security