AWS Certified Developer Associate

  • 36hrs of instructor-led training
  • Classroom & Online Training 
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WS is a globally embraced cloud platform that enables developers to build distinguished business solutions. AWS offers exquisite services to develop and deploy cloud applications with the most commonly used high-level programming languages with effortless code writing. This Associate-level AWS certification helps you get recognized as a certified AWS developer and grab promising career opportunities worldwide.

The AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification assesses the understanding of cloud developers and AWS cloud aspirants about the AWS architecture, using the AWS services and best practices of the cloud development. This widely accepted certification demonstrates your competency to develop, deploy, and debug diverse cloud-based applications using the AWS platform.

Course Objectives

  • Various AWS services to develop and deploy robust cloud applications
  • Interacting with the AWS SDKs of the cloud applications and AWS services
  • Optimize the AWS services to enhance the application’s performance with effective coding.
  • Code-level security services such as IAM roles, encryption, and credentials

Targeted Audience

  • Beginners intending to acquire development skills in the AWS
  • Professionals developers
  • Professionals that need to gain a competitive edge in hosting robust, scalable, and highly available applications on the AWS cloud

Pre - Requisite

  • At least one year of experience with AWS cloud services
  • Exposure to at least one high-level programming language